Think about this…

English: Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009.
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What have we come to, what does it say about America that the most likely winner in the Republican Primary is not the one most liked, not the one most trusted, not the one most qualified, and not the one most capable of being President.  What a sham that “seek & destroy” has become a campaign strategy that is acceptable.  What a shame that money can buy the Presidency. But then who would have thought it could buy the Supreme Court (Citizens United)?  And the other choice,  Santorum – well, I can’t even imagine our country if this evangelical fundamentalist who would take us back to the 1950’s were to win by some miracle (and it would take a miracle).   Newt is just a spoiler and Paul will take his usual result – loser, again. We must not allow a Republican win in 2012 in any capacity – especially those tyrannical, mean-spirited, greedy Republican Governors – and we know who they are!  I say throw all the undeserving, Norquist worshipping, Koch puppets bums out (including some on our side of the aisle) and make sure we pick more wisely in the future.  We can do this. Just think  – if Romney does win, he could appoint Rush Limbaugh as his Secretary of State.  Think on that.

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