When you gonna teach that dog to swim?

The President gave a grand speech in Atlanta tonight at a fundraiser sponsored by Tyler Perry.  He spoke with genuine emotion that clearly connected with his audience, composed mostly of his base.  But the thing is, he could have given that very same speech anywhere in America and it would have rung true.  America can identify with his values as their values.  It’s what we care about, the economy and shared sacrifice…a basic fairness in the tax system.

Yet the Republicans continue to focus on women’s rights and health care.  They try to distract by pointing to rising gas prices that they KNOW the President does not control.

They are concerned  because the economy is getting better.  Things are turning around. And all they have is Mitt Romney, who even admitted  to FAUX news that the economy is getting “a little” better.  “But”, he added, “The President could have done better.  The economy is not growing as fast as it could be” (as it would if I were President implied).

It reminds me of the Irishman who tossed a stick for his dog to fetch but accidentally threw it into the lake.

Amazingly, his dog walked across the water and got the stick. The Irishman threw the stick into the water twice more and both times his dog walked across the water, and retrieved the stick.

Eager to show off his dog’s abilities, he found a Republican who watched as the Irishman’s dog walked across the lake and retrieved the stick.

“That’s not bad,” said the Republican, “but when are you going to teach that dog to swim?”

Joke  courtesy of : Purcell, Tom (2012) Irish humor to prime the pump, Cagle Post Cartoons and Commentary: http://www.cagle.com/2012/03/irish-humor-to-prime-the-pump/

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