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I’m becoming more and more convinced that people who insist that the Republicans and Democrats are the same party are either idiots, lazy, or conservatives trying to distract us.

Idiots – Anyone who can seriously look at what the GOP has been doing since 2009, ie voter suppression, attacking Planned Parenthood, trying to roll back health care reform, attacking contraception and the trans vaginal probe laws just to name a few, and think that the Democratic Party would do the same is a moron. Conversely, anyone that looks at what Obama has done, ie credit card reform, health care reform, student loan reform, killing bin Laden, leaving Afghanistan on time, saving the auto industry, etc. and thinks to themselves, “Well, that would have happened anyway if a Republican was president” is funtionally brain dead.

Lazy – It’s so easy when you’re just pissed off but can’t be bothered to learn…

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