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February 12 is Darwin Day; a celebration of the birth of one Charles Darwin, a man who ignored dogma and, through the power of rational thought, was the first to write about the deceptively simple, yet amazingly intricate, process that is evolution.

The revolution in human thought the acceptance of this theory led to is impossible to overstate. Modern medicine, as we know it, would not exist without a firm understanding of the basic principle of evolution and how it affects organisms. Paleontology would be hopelessly muddled without the guiding principle of one type of life-form branching out into others. Biochemistry would not have advanced beyond the most rudimentary stages without the framework of natural selection to build upon.

Yet, there are many (MANY) misconceptions about what evolution is. Some are intentionally propagated by those who seek to misled the uneducated (religious fundamentalists, Bill “the tides” O’Reilly) while others are…

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