The Republicans have no agenda other than to defeat the President. Will their fear tactics and hate mongering bite them in the ass?

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Continuing the reposting of my Addictinginfo opinion pieces.

We are in a race against the clock and the stakes are the very soul of the country!! If this comes off as a breathless, Glenn Beckish prediction of doom, AWESOME! I’m practicing my heated rhetoric in order to terrify you. Are you scared yet? You ARE?! Geez! That was easy. You need to get laid more often; you are waaaay too tense!

But, seriously, we are in a race. We’re in a race against conservatives and we are winning in a way Charlie Sheen can only dream of in his coke induced mental breakdown.

“But how can you say that, you filthy liberal scum? The GOP is all over the country repealing child labor lawsbanning  abortion, persecuting homosexuals andbreaking unions! They’ve set up a little dictatorship in Michigan and are passing laws to make voter registration…

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