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These are the first hand accounts of the human cost of greed, corruption or bigotry in our country. We are not post-racial, women are not equals, homosexuals are still reviled, corporations ruin lives and justice is sometimes not only blind, but deaf and mute as well. We have a lot of work to do and it’s important that you know you are not working alone. Others share your pain and now they are willing to share it with the world. 

From reader LS:

I have a story to tell about how I was screwed by the medical insurance industry (anonymous please)… My ex husband and father of my eldest child suffered from type I (juvenile onset) diabetes. I met him in his early 20s and he worked as a waiter, 35 ish hours (they never wanted to give him 40 so they wouldn’t have to pay benefits, but that’s another story) a…

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