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Woohoo! So happy am I! I couldn’t shake the feeling that my previous efforts were kind of dull since it was just me talking to…no one. I finally nagged Glenn and Murphy into coming over and BANG! 1000% more interesting! Take a listen, and make sure to demand that the FSB and THE Mike Murphy keep coming back for weekly sessions!

The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast Episode 4

In which we discuss Kieth Olbermann’s untimely departure from Current TV, the Paul Ryan budget of doom, renaming “privitizing” into “profitizing, an interesting tangent on Erik Prince the Muslim murdering Crusader and Scalia and his Fox News talking points versus Obamacare.

In two weeks or so, I’ll be moving to a new server host. After that, I can start uploading to iTunes and other podcast media outlets.

As always, share, tweet and comment! The only way this info gets around is if you help it…

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