Tell YOUR congressman NO to Bush Tax Cuts! Here’s why:

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I don’t get it. I thought the Bush Tax Cuts were supposed to be a temporary measure to goose the economy while we were flush with money from the Clinton years? Isn’t that how Republicans sold it? We have so much money we should give some back and let the “job creators” reinvest? What happened? Where’s that big time boom we were supposed to get? Oh, a small recession and 9/11 happened? Well, OK, I’ll accept that. Then why did we keep the Bush Tax Cuts in place? Flush times were over, weren’t they? We didn’t have extra money lying around so why wouldn’t we have ended those cuts? They didn’t goose the economy and the deficit exploded anyway. Oh, we needed those cuts to boost the economy in a recession? So let me get this straight: when times are good, we should cut taxes to make them better. When times are…

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