AI have long felt this way about CNN – and MSNBC also (where I detect a definite right lean). But when you are owned by GE and Time Warner, that’s what you get, unless you’re Keith Oberman. Then you get fired.dd your thoughts here… (optional)

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MSNBC, the “liberal” network gives three hours a morning over to Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressperson and it took them years before they dumped hardcore racist and conservative ideologue, Pat Buchanan. Fox, the “fair and balanced” (BWAHAHAHAHAHA!) network finds the weakest liberals they can find or makes sure they are outnumbered (or both). CNN, the “neutral and respectable” network has Erick Erickson, a far right wing blogger, and Dana Loesch who had this to say:

“What did women receive for supporting the left? You’ve seen it here with your Occupy movement, haven’t you? They get raped. This man [Andrew Breitbart] on my shirt had a message that I think needs to be reiterated since it keeps happening. Stop raping people! Behave yourselves!”

So, where’s the frothing liberal ideologues? Do they even have one? Who is it? How often are they on? The liberal presence on CNN must be so overwhelming we just can’t…

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