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I hate conservatives who claim to be “Independent” or “Libertarian” but only vote for conservatives or support only conservative ideals. I’ve got news for these people: You’re a conservative. And you wrecked the country. Suck it up and admit it.

Last year, I had friended an acquaintance from college, we’ll call him Dick Concrete (An inside joke that is exactly 95% less dirty then you think it is. Shame on you!). Dick just couldn’t stand all of my liberal nonsense and kept arguing with me but also denied he was a conservative. He always insisted that he was sick of the GOP as well but for some reason never disagreed with anything they said. He defriended me after the Fat Smug Bastard tore him a new one for his rank dishonesty. The FSB demanded to know how it is that he, Dick, could take the time to argue against all these…

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