Beautiful photo essay of our wonderful President, Barack Obama on his 51st Birthday!

The only adult in the room

Dear Barack Obama,

Thank you for being the man that you are, thank you for fighting for us, thank you for making sure that my baby nephew can get health care, thank you for showing what real decency, honor, courage, intelligence, grace under fire and pure goodness of the heart looks like.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Here’s to four more years at the White House and many many more happy years with Michelle and the girls.

(All photos are the work of the brilliant Pete Souza, with some help from AP. I’ll open this thread for comments so we can have a little party. I’m sorry if I won’t have the time to moderate and approve all comments, it’s not personal, I promise. Please keep it nice and don’t feed any trolls. And feel free to share this with the world. Thanks).

So, 51 reasons to vote for Barack Obama.

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