Big Oil and Corporate Social Responsibility

Many Said This Is Exactly What Would Happen!Oil Rig run aground in Alaska

Many corporations are socially responsible and are susceptible to public scrutiny of their behavior. Some are too big to care. To a great extent, the motivation behind CSR depends on the type of business. Some industries, such as big oil companies, seem to have no regard for the negative impact on environment and health caused by their search for oil. We have seen the dangers of FRACKING, the corrosive nature of the toxic sand tars of the XL pipeline that they plan in constructing across the main aquifer in America’s heartland, and I’m sure we all remember the devastation to the Gulf of Mexico by the careless actions of BP in 2010. Now there is another disaster waiting to happen.

Earlier this month, an offshore oil rig owned by Royal Dutch Shell ran aground in the Gulf of Alaska – with 150,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 12,000 gallons of lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid on board – enough to do serious damage to the pristine coast line and all living things residing there of land and sea. After yet another failed attempt to drill in the Arctic, Shell was towing the rig back when stormy seas caused a break in the tow line…who would have thought there would be stormy weather in the North Pacific in December! (snark)

This is just another example of how dangerous offshore oil exploitation can be and how little care or concern oil companies have for the consequences of their actions. In many cases, these companies are charged with ‘self-regulation’ (like the fox guarding the hen-house) so little overview of safety and environmental guidelines is provided. Only when something happens do they take action – but you can put the genie back in the bottle. Some of these toxic substances cannot be cleaned up even if the industry was investing any of the trillions in profit on research in that area. Regulations are ignored because the fines are much cheaper than the cost of research and implementation of safety controls.

We see the slick commercials about much these companies ‘care’ and how hard they are trying to provide clean, economical energy sources – but don’t be fooled. They are busy drilling and destroying ecosystems worldwide. There is no clean coal or safe way to extract shale oil. And if they continue there will soon be no clean air, soil, or water fit for human use. Huge rain forests are being destroyed in the process – the air purifiers for the globe. Not to mention the damage fossil fuels are doing to our atmosphere. And how long can we ignore the signs of climate change happening around the world? Do we need more evidence?

As long as there are such huge profits, no amount of social responsibility or pressure will deter these giants of industry to do the right thing.http://



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