Repeat After Me: There Is No Liberal Media

As I sat watching Chuck Todd ‘interview’ President Obama I could feel my anger and outrage building inside. Who does this reporter think he is? How dare he question the integrity and motives of our President? Our President whose ‘crime’ is trying to ensure that every American who purchases insurance receives the coverage he pays for…and ensuring that those who cannot afford insurance are not left uncovered but given a path to a healthier and financially secure future. Instead, he is demonized, called a villain, treated as a scoundrel, liar, rogue. Never has a President been treated so disrespectfully, not by their opponents, but by our MEDIA. A media that has often been accused of ‘liberal bias’! Well, there was NO LIBERAL BIAS on display during this ‘interview’. Chuck Todd and NBC owes President Obama an apology. The President owes NO ONE an apology for trying to do the right thing for America. Instead of throwing obstacles at the ACA, we should all be pulling together to make it work; or show some patience at the very least.

Instead of my lame attempts, I present the words of the Liberal Librarian from the Obama Diaries who does a much better job…

2 comments on “Repeat After Me: There Is No Liberal Media

  1. They look like the asshats they are! I loved “the look” our POTUS gave him. This man is only more respected every day for what he has to endure, and with great dignity at that!

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