Hobby Lobby was a religious decision and not a secular judicial one.

SCOTUS inserts your boss in uterusPeople have argued that the United States was founded as a Christian nation, as evidenced by an obscure quote by Patrick Henry to some British parliamentary body in 1765. Read that date again. It’s only 11 years before the United States was even founded, and at THAT time our founding fathers went out of their way to repudiate the making of any law “respecting the establishment of religion.” So important is this principle that it is laid down in the very First Amendment to
the Constitution.

Lawmaking actions by the government include actions by the courts, which change laws, known as “case law” in legal circles. And those who celebrate this decision clearly want a court system dominated not just by religion, but by one religion in particular. And now they’ve got one.

There is one and only one religion in this country that is adamantly opposed not only to abortion, but birth control as well, and that is the Roman Catholic church. The five members of this Supreme Court who voted for this are ALL Roman Catholics. What a coincidink! As it happens, Justice Sotomayor is as well, but she is a real judge who does not let her personal religious faith rule her court decisions over the rest of us.

This is an anti-birth control decision, under the pretext that Hobby Lobby’s owners BELIEVE, contrary to all medical science, that certain forms of birth control are in fact forms of abortion, itself for the moment still a legal procedural option, until this Supreme Court finally lowers the boom, as they clearly intend to do. It should also be noted that Alito further admits he
is not inclined to cut such religious slack for the doctrinal concerns of any other religion.

So there you have it, establishment of religion in high gear. Some say Alito should show up for work in the robes of a priest, but it appears the  Supreme Court needs to order FIVE sets of ecclesiastical garments.

How much further will these 5 go? That’s the really scary part.  Because what nobody else apparently seems to have grasped is that this decision opens the door wide open to individual states claiming exercise of religion constitutional rights.

Stay tuned…

~ The Pen

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