If Sarah Palin is your big catch, I question the size of your pole

Who doesn’t love Margaret and Helen? I mean it. Really.



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Margaret and Helen

Margaret, glad to hear that winter storm Jonas landed to your south. I hate to think of you being so north during the winter months. Of course, you don’t like my being so south come July so there’s that.

I guess we can both be thankful that we’re not in the Midwest where the Republicans have once again unleashed winter storm Sarah Palin on the unsuspecting citizens of Iowa. Good Lord but that woman is an idiot. I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but that dimwit burned out eight Christmases ago.

If you are thinking about voting for a Republican this year, you might want to consider that the party’s front runner enthusiastically welcomed her endorsement while the guy in second place happily assumed he had a monopoly on that crazy. I mean if your big catch is Sarah Palin, I have to question the size…

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