Tow Truck Driver Abandons Disabled Woman – “I’m a Conservative Christian”


Good SamaritanSouth Carolina Christian re-enacts Good Samaritan story, plays role of Pharisee.

South Carolina tow truck driver and self-proclaimed conservative Christian Ken Shupe followed the example of Jesus yesterday by providing roadside assistance to disabled Sanders supporter Cassandra McWade even though Shupe himself professes loyalty to God’s Own Party. Oh. Wait. I got that backwards. Shupe saw the Sanders sign in McWade’s car and drove off, leaving her stranded on the roadside—the exact opposite of what Jesus teaches in the New Testament story of the Good Samaritan.

In the Gospel According to Luke, a lawyer and member of the religious establishment tries to trap Jesus by asking him how to attain eternal life. Jesus gives a simple but difficult answer: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Ah, says the lawyer seeing what he thinks is his out, and who is my neighbor?

In response, Jesus tells one of…

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