Dear Trump voter: Your new president despises you


Oh, he very much does. You are the same “loser” working-class invisibles he’s exploited and subjugated his entire business career. You are the same disposable cogs he’s mocked and derided since his racist dad gave him “a small loan” of $14 million and said go forth and molest the world.

The great irony of it all, Trump voter? It’s not even a secret: Your new president cares not a whit for your well-being, or mine, or anyone else’s. He’s in this for himself. And for revenge. And for the grotesque mockery of it all.

Here’s the catastrophic truth: In all those nasty debates, all those violent rallies, all those idiotic interviews on Fox News? Trump wasn’t really jabbing his stubby middle finger at the “status quo,” or the Washington elite. That was just for the cameras, for provocation, for the headlines. As evidenced by his insidious transition team – already packed with disgraced lobbyists, gloating robber barons and hissing white supremacists – he plans nothing short of an all-out rape of the American Dream – with you, his own supporters, very much included.

See, Trump’s middle finger was actually aimed at everyone, regardless of race, status, political party, creed. He is anti-life, anti-love, anti-progress, anti-science, anti-choice, anti-environment, anti-reform and most certainly anti-working-class Trump-supporting nobody.

And of course, if you’re a woman, a POC, an immigrant, Muslim, Jew, LGBT or a member of just about any free-thinking belief system, well, it’s all roughly 1000 times worse for you, isn’t it? Hell, I’m an educated, liberal white male with just about every advantage in the American handbook, and even I’m concerned about my well-being and imminent authoritarian crackdowns on civil liberties in Trump’s new, violent, white supremacist-approved America. I cannot fathom the desolation and visceral horror tens of millions of my non-white, non-male fellow citizens are experiencing right now.

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Trump reacts during news conference at Old Post Office Building in Washington

But you will find out very soon, Trump voter, what the rest of us already understand: You’re a drone to him. A faceless nothing. A pathetic joke. A dollar sign scribbled on a filthy napkin in the ruins of the Trump Taj Mahal. We all are. But he tricked you most of all. You were his reality TV show, his biggest and most successful con. And now we all pay.

But there is one thing you Trump voters got exactly, horrifyingly correct: Trump very much is a political “outsider.” He is no career politician, he has no talent or skills whatsoever in actual governing, much less any clue whatsoever as to what’s required to steer the most powerful free society on earth. Your new president is a mix of sexual predator, idiot-savant and moral sadist; he’s about as far from thoughtful, gracious statesman and you can get.

The evidence is coming almost too quickly to parse. It’s a rare thing that a single article can make me sick to my stomach and tear up at the same time, but this piece by Brad Plumer and David Roberts over at Vox, a mere week after the election, is perhaps one of the most devastating, heartbreaking things I’ve ever read. It’s all about Trump’s intended environmental policies – or rather, his ruinous lack thereof.

This is light years beyond rolling back a few EPA regulations, or fellating the coal industry, or giving some new tax benefits to Trump’s cronies in the oil biz.

This is nothing short of an all-out assault on human life, on basic conservation, on any fundamentally compassionate approach to taking care of our planet. From opening up all public lands to drilling and mining, to gutting the EPA, eviscerating the Clean Water Act, deregulating all major industries, removing restrictions on chemicals and air pollution to disempowering the FDA itself, Trump’s “plan,” as gloatingly supported by the GOP, could very well spell the end of our last chance to save the planet.

You see, Trump voter, it is not just the “liberal elites” who are going to suffer. It is not just “political insiders” who’ve been crushed. And while the “status quo” you claim to be the root of all our problems is indeed about to be annihilated, in its place will be nothing but sycophantic horror.

The jobs are not coming. The dignity you seek will shortly be massacred in broad daylight. Trump’s promise to reform banking and Wall Street is a sick joke. The cronyism and profiteering are only going to get a thousand times more shameless and appalling.

What we are about to witness is a legally sanctioned, voter-approved, fully weaponized form of misanthropy so savage, so total in its intended devastation of American history and progress, the odds are exceedingly good we will never fully recover.

On the off chance we do happen to survive long enough for the imminent anti-Trump backlash to kick in? A radically reimagined, progressive future is still possible. But we’re going to have to slog through all kinds of ignoble hell to get there.


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