So Long Mary Tyler Moore

There was something about Mary…and it changed the role of women on TV, at home, and in the workplace forever. Thanks Mar…

Envisioning The American Dream

mary-tyler-moore-mtm_tvg_3-77 As a 30 year old single working woman, Mary Richards acted as a kind of stand in for a new American female for a generation of women. TV Guide May 1977

With the turn of a TV dial, Mary turned the world and my childhood on with her smile.

A constant presence on my TV screen, Mary Tyler Moore and her winning smile, shepherded me through  my Kennedy era childhood, my tumultuous teens and straight into my early adulthood.

Laura Petrie

mary-and-dick-van-dyke-TV Gude Cover 1961 Oh Rob! Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke TV Guide Dec. 1961

Who didn’t love Mary as Laura Petrie, the New Rochelle housewife who defiantly  traded in the per-requisite starched dress and pearls of other TV housewives for a more fetching pair of capris.  After several seasons of stuffy and often stilted  TV sitcom  moms like June Cleaver and Margaret Anderson,  Laura was a breath of fresh suburban…

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