He Didn’t See That Coming

Originally posted on My Ready Room:
Michelle Obama opened up on Trumplethinskin with every round from every weapon in the armory, then poured gas on the embers, then dug a hole and buried the ashes, then dropped a bomb on the filled-in hole. There may have never been a more deserving target. AND we still…

2016 US Presidential Election Debate @ Washington University

  Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump Hillary Clinton  – US Democratic Presidential Candidate Platform Politicfact Tracker . Donald Trump  – US Republican Presidential Candidate Political positions. Politicfact Tracker . View image on Twitter Follow The Economist ✔@TheEconomist President Obama lays out the main economic challenges facing his successor http://econ.st/2dMRvod  6:03 AM – 6 Oct 2016 480480 Retweets 708708 […]Read Post ›