AdSo the next time you see the police in riot gear, the next time you watch the cops charge in with shotguns, the next time a group of protesters is viciously attacked with chemical weapons and you wonder what the police could possibly be thinking, remember that they know the cameras are there, too. And they know that for every person that sees those images and knows the protesters didn’t do anything to warrant that kind of excessive force, there are two or more that have no idea what is going on at the Occupy protests and wonder what the dirty hippies did to make the cops so afraid.d your thoughts here… (optional)

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Ever since the crackdowns started, I’ve been wondering about the use of excessive force and all the riot gear. The police have repeatedly beaten, pepper sprayed and tear gassed protesters who have done little more than stand their ground when illegally ordered to stop  exercising  their First Amendment rights. At first, I thought it was because the authorities didn’t know how to deal with non-violent threats after a decade of training for mass terrorist uprisings that never materialized. The police force in this country has been militarized under a paranoid Right Wing administration that dispensed hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars to safeguard against a nonexistant threat. On the other hand, keeping FEMA fully funded for actual yearly predictable disasters was pretty low on the list of things to care about. One could hazard a guess that arming the police was more lucrative to military contractors than saving the lives of…

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