Dear Mom—about your 50 year nursing career & Medicaid… Woman’s post PLOWS the GOP

I didn’t write this. I wish I did. The way this woman levels Republicans is stunning. The author is Betsy Anderson and it’s a letter addressed to her mother with a blind copy to the GOP and all Americans. Ms. Anderson cuts straight to core and heartlessness of the GOP and it should be required reading in Congress and in all forms of the media.

It’s also a perfect example of how well social media can work — when it works. Betsy Anderson took to Facebook and spoke out on March 16, 2017. Susan, a friend of mine posted Besty’s post in a group where another friend of mine, John, from VoteVets.orgsaw it. He posted it into another Facebook group where I first saw it. (And if you followed all that…) now I get to post it on Daily Kos where it stands a good chance of being read by the multitudes.

For Betsy’s sake, the sake of her mother, and the sake of the millions who will be adversely affected by the GOP’s relentless intent to gut Obamacare and spit in the fact of the people most in need, I hope to all goodness Betsy’s post goes viral.

Leslie Salzillo  / Daily Kos

Dear Mom,

You won’t comprehend this because you have Stage 6 Dementia, but things need to change. The nice congressmen in Washington want to free us from government dependency so we can make better healthcare choices without the stigma of taking handouts from society.

So, Mom, about your Medicaid Aged and Disabled Waiver that pays me a 40 hr/week pittance to care for you at home 24/7: the new HHS Secretary and Medicaid Chief sent our Governor a letter that says people on Medicaid should seek employment if they want to keep those benefits. This may sound unfair considering you’re 89, bladder and bowel incontinent, unable to walk unassisted, and often lapse into episodes of uncontrollable whimpering, but if the government decides it’s for the best, we’ll all need to buck up and contribute our fair share.After all, your 50 year nursing career doesn’t necessarily entitle you to a free ride.

I’ll probably need to get a “real” job too, because I exploit the system. Never mind that your care would cost the state $78,000 annually in a nursing home versus the $16,000 it pays me; leave the math to those smart fellas in Washington who understand that big government should stop controlling our lives. The important thing is we’ll have freedom to choose, and not impose an unfair tax burden on millionaires and the medical industrial complex.

Once I stop taking handouts, I won’t be home with you. We should bolster the economy by hiring attendant care, but it costs more than I can earn, and Medicare won’t cover it because those warmhearted legislators support family values like looking after our own. You’ll enjoy being home alone all day, Mom. You don’t really need regular meals or clean Depends, and when you have one of your falls, you can rest quietly on the floor in a puddle of urine until I get off work. Those dear congressmen give us other options, too, such as permanently placing you in a facility to die more quickly and efficiently. Here’s another choice: I could stay home and attend you for free! We’ll do fine on your Social Security income by sacrificing a few luxuries like groceries, property taxes, electricity, and the car.

There’s a bonus, Mom. I won’t be forced to maintain health insurance! Remember “Obamacare” that saved my life through early cancer screening? The Republicans devised a better plan. Because I’m over 50 and earn $150 per year above the Medicaid cutoff, my annual premium will increase by roughly $6,000, but I can choose to opt out! I’ll still have “access” but not be victimized by the enslaving tax subsidy that let me afford coverage for the first time in 25 years. I’m excited about returning to indigent emergency room treatment and boosting insurance industry profits while taxpayers shoulder the cost instead.

With so many great options it’s hard to decide, but here’s our new plan, Mom. Under Trumpcare, I’ll “choose” to lose health coverage,seek a minimum wage job, and dump you in a nursing home. Between the cost of facility care, a couple of ER visits and perhaps one minor surgery for me per year, and the food stamps and heating assistance I’ll need once you and your Social Security income leave the household, I estimate we will save the government roughly NEGATIVE $350,000 over the next 5 years! Multiply that by the millions of people who will lose coverage, and you can appreciate what a sensible and economical plan the Republicans have devised.

You’ll be proud to receive depersonalized institutional care instead of burdening society in comfort with your family. The facility gets your Social Security check, and Medicare/Medicaid will cover the balance until you hit the newly proposed block grant funding cap. If you’re still alive then, we’re unsure what will happen, but we can trust Congress to do what’s right. I hear they’re formulating a plan to ship the poor, elderly, and chronically ill to arctic ice floes. It’s called “Trump Tower North: the Last Resort.” You might even get to see polar bears before they become extinct! Won’t that be fun?

I’m so happy that the government wants to stop interfering in our lives.

Your Freeloading Daughter

P.S. Mom, if you do need a job to keep that Medicaid, I thought of a placement for someone who can’t function productively, has no grasp of reality, and relies on government entitlements. 435 congressional seats will open up next year. You appear to be perfectly qualified.


Here’s to all who refuse to stay quiet. If you feel inspired and want to take some action right now, call Congress at 202-224-3121. You’ll be directed to your representative. Leave a message. Let them know your thoughts about their ‘plan’ for us.

Thank you, Betsy Anderson. Thank you.

And Fuck you, Republican Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump. Fuck you.

16 comments on “Dear Mom—about your 50 year nursing career & Medicaid… Woman’s post PLOWS the GOP

    • Just Disgusting but I. Too am in the same boat Currently #Uninsured over 30 yrs Disabled and In Medicaid Gap in Fl.
      I Advocate Daily on this #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact And Will Do So Till All Are Insured and Have Dignity
      The GOP are Heartless and Sick #TrumpCare It is #Deathcare And A #KillerBill
      It Will Kill Others and Doom Poor Americans

  1. Devastating indictment of Trumpcare. However, I don’t agree with her indictment of nursing home care. I kept my mom, who had dementia, at home as long as it was safe. When I could no longer give her the best care, she went into assisted living and a few years later into a nursing home. Her care was never depersonalized. It was, in fact, excellent, and I am glad the nursing home option was available.

    • I am glad that you and your mother had a good nursing home experience. That is too often not the case, especially in those for lower income patients.

      • As an RN who was BWing Manager and responsible for the care of about 70 residents. The aides were paid minimum wage as are many CNA’s in the long term care arena. Some CNAs took out their resentments by skimping on resident care I.e.
        Checking off a chart that tracked showers given when this was not the case. Can you imagine only getting cleaned up weekly when you’re incontinent?

      • Elder care is not for the feint of heart. It takes a certain type of person and I have long felt that nursing homes and care facilities do not pay enough to attract the calibre of employees necessary.

      • After experiencing my grandmother being put into a nursing home I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of children convince themselves the nursing home their parent is in is a “good facility” to alleviate the guilt attached to putting their parents in one even when the option of leaving them in their homes is no longer feasible.

        God bless the people who work in them and take their jobs and residents to heart – it’s a job I know I could not do.

  2. As a retired RN who has worked in both nursing homes and hospitals in a rural area, I’d like to chime in. I completely agree that CNAs are definitely underpaid for the type of work they do. I’d also like to say that the ethic in nursing homes starts at the top. If the DNS and charge nurses are caring and involved with the CNAs the care is usually very good. I’d advocate to give pay raises to CNAs, they work really hard and are seldom recognized for it and I see many who do indeed care deeply about their patients. Also, in a rural area where a lot of the staff in the NH are locals and ‘everybody knows everybody’ there is high accountability, unlike large cities where the staff turnover can be high and the care lacking. At the same time, small rural NHs are struggling financially with all of the cutbacks to medicaid. There is a lot to fix but cutting back in the proposed areas isn’t the answer. I do hope that someone is paying attention to those of us who see the reality for what it is.

  3. As a nurse, my heart breaks for what you are going through, and I too am fearful for what awaits me down the road as well. Your mother is so blessed to have you.

  4. Ive been through this with my momma. You feel helpless and mean as DT would say. Our parents dont understand why they just ask why do i have to be here. Know words can explain this. Our hearts are broken with theirs. Such a sad way to let a parent die

  5. I lost my last parent 16 years ago and in a strange way I am glad knowing neither one will have to go through what Betsy’s mom and her wonderful daughter are. As far as I am concerned Trump and all who support this despicable ‘health’ program can go to hell…and I hope it is soon. But wait Trump and his buddies have incredible health insurance so they will have the the Rolls Royce of insurance to keep them alive without being a burden to their families. I am disgusted.

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