You need to see this list. You are not pissed already, you will be…

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.








If you’re a voter and you’re pissed off, good. You should be pissed off, because this country is at a crossroads, and your government isn’t doing as much as it should to fix the problems we face.


But the entire government isn’t screwing us, and it won’t do anyone any good to send every single one of them packing. We need to know WHO to get rid of and who to keep.


This list makes it easy, folks. The entire Republican Party needs to go. THEY are the politicians who are blocking every piece of legislation designed to make your life better. THEY are the ones blocking every single bill that might make your life easier.


This post continues a list of bills that were passed by Democrats in Congress, and blocked by ALL of the Republicans…

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